Broadchurch Crew return to Clevedon with a message of Thanks

Posted by Admin Clevedon on Aug 8, 2016

Meeting Dan Winch, the producer of the third series of Broadchurch was an unexpected pleasure. Firstly – we were delighted to be asked – after all, Everything Clevedon isn't quite The One Show or The Telegraph-  who, along with all the main media, will also be interviewing this charismatic man. So we felt privileged.


Off we went to meet him in the catering bus, bursting with questions about what might happen in the storyline, but as you might expect – all the story line will be under wraps until transmission which will be sometime next year.

So we were keen to find out about Dan.  He coincidentally trained as a Stage Manager at a The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and is no stranger to the West Country. In fact he is no stranger to Clevedon! On qualifying seventeen years ago, his very first job was with BBC drama filming in Hill Road and St Andrew's church for an episode of Silent Witness and ironically all these years, later he finds himself filming in the same street and church for Broadchurch.

“Thankfully nothing seems to have changed in Clevedon” he says “and coming back again this time is a lovely bookend to my first visit. Clevedon offers a vast amount of benefits for a producer – it is the perfect partner to West Bay in Dorset creating an authentic and seamlessfeel for the town of Broadchurch. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful. Film crews rely on cooperation for a shoot to run smoothly and on time, so we are extremely grateful that we've been met with such acceptance. We have been warmly welcomed by everyone and especially those who have given up their homes and businesses as locations for series three”.

Dan acknowledges that Clevedon is also ideally suited to filming because of its proximity to Bristol which has a big crew base and resources to access if needed. This gives a big tick in the box of suitable locations for him and lots of other film companies.

The only difficulties that Dan experienced in Clevedon was the weather, which after all, would be the same difficulty anywhere, but even then Dan found that as everything was so close together, they could move the crew from outside scenes to indoor scenes within half an hour and carry on filming with very little interruption.

But what about the plot of the last series? Was there going to be a bombshell?

Well as you might expect, Dan couldn't give much away but what he did tell us is that there is a “fitting end” to the series that the nation has come to love. The subject matter is serious as in the first two series and it is explored through the characters that we know & feel an emotional loyalty towards.

We all wait with bated breath – watching the filming and proud to be a part of it. Lastly Dan wanted to say “Sincere thanks and congratulations to all the residents of Clevedon as Broadchurch is a show which they can be proud of.  And it simply couldn't have happened without the support of Clevedon residents”

We left holding our heads high feeling equally as proud.

More to come soon about new actor Sarah Parish and her thoughts and feelings about filming Broadchurch in Clevedon.

With thanks to Julie Bisacre for her blog post