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The Salthouse Fields in Clevedon, next to the sea front, was originally used as a salt mine in the late 1600's. Salt panning was carried out on a 7 year lease by Samuel Gorges of Wraxall from 1689. He had permission from the Lord of the Manor to set up buildings, furnaces and retaining walls for the making of salt, which was done by letting sea water into depressions in what is now Salthouse Fields and letting evaporation take it's course, the remaining moisture was boiled off in the furnaces.

Now the Salthouse Fields are a green area where many residents and visitors come to relax.

Now offering seaside activities to suit all tastes and all ages. For children, there are donkey rides, crazy golf, a miniature railway, a bouncy castle, a skate park and a children's play area. For adults, there are tennis courts and a bowling green. Ice-cream, food and drinks can be bought from the many kiosks. Salthouse Fields is also the venue for local events such as family fun days.

You can find out more about activities held at the Salthouse Fields on the 'What's Happening' page.

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